Hi, guys, this is a post just all about my great friend Ron k Noble
I’m just so proud of his achievements right now.
I wanted to give him a mention right here.
he has just had published a New York Times article published which is absolutely fantastic read.

New York Times
I have known the guy for 2-3 years and he has achieved so much in his life.
always a smile on his face and the most positive guy I have ever met.
so for all those reasons I have put this content in here as a reference for him
he was secretary general at Interpol  and now has a company I believe
in passport i.d around the world.

Ron is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and he will be surely embarrassed by the praise I am throwing his way

But good luck to you Ron in all you do

This is a video of Ron accepting  a distinguished service honour.