Hi, I would like to talk today about search engine optimisation and why it is now vital to use in your business online. How SEO works

First let me start by explaining SEO to you. I like to use a comment I saw on a website which summed it up very well. if you wish to check out the page it is What is SEO.

The blog explains it like this. If you have a bricks and mortar shop and it is just for this explanation a coffee shop and you sell without a doubt the best coffee in town. But you are in a back street away from the high street. This puts you not in a great position to make good money? But let’s suppose we could come along and lift the shop up and place it smack bang in the high street for you. well now your sales would go through the roof and everyone would be better off.

This is exactly what search engine optimisation does for your online business. If you are on page ten of Google and with a few months work you are on page one then obviously your sales are gong to rocket for sure. What search engines

I really can not recommend highly enough the importance of this service to your company the guys I use are the ones in the first link I gave you. that’s how I found that page with the very simple explanation. ill give you the link to their homepage

search engine optimisation

So if you are currently working online you do want to find a company of your choice to get this service going.I’m not suggesting to use the same company as I do it is just for explanation terms to you.

What I would say is do not go for a cheap company this will surely backfire. I have found over time cheap does not work and you get what you pay for. I’m not saying go and hire some rich hot shot to do the work but don’t go for the rock bottom guy either it will for sure not be a good experience as I have unfortunately over time found out the hard way. I thnk use a company that is local to you ios the best way to go about things as they will know the area and the market better than a guy the other side of the world.

I hope this is helpful to you in seeing why SEO services are now vital to an online presence. The world online is moving fast and I have noticed probably because I’m looking that alot of times I go to search for something and it has moved off the usual page and that gets me thinking they need to hire a guy and fast

It is wonderful now the big companies have gained tremendous trust online that now everyone shops without a problem. It would be interesting to know how many multi-millionaires have been made since the .com revolution.

Top online earners

Good luck with your online businesses and it is always a pleasure to share my  knowledge with you all.